Are you teaching to you or to them?

I know you think you’re a good teacher, and maybe you are. After the first couple of years of teaching, I think we all feel like “I got this.”
But I often reflect on Marshall McLuhan’s premise that the “medium is the message” – that the medium used to communicate a message has a distinct affect on the content itself. And in some ways the medium itself becomes the message, drowning out the original.
In a similar manner, it’s hard to take the teacher out of teaching. Your own experiences, your own preferences, and your own learning style can all creep into your teaching over time. Find yourself lecturing a lot? Or using a lot of videos in your lessons? Take a moment and consider whether or not your ‘go to’ instructional techniques are simply reflections of your own learning preferences. If they are, you may need to put yourself in your students shoes for a bit. Ask them how they like to be taught? It could just change your teaching game for good!

One thought on “Are you teaching to you or to them?

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