VHS Enters the Full-Time School Market

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The VHS Collaborative
Long-time online course provider The VHS Collaborative has announced the creation of a full-time option for high school students. On their website describing the program, VHS reports that they offer nearly 200 courses covering everything from electives to advanced placement. The price point ($3500) sounds pretty sweet and will probably be attractive to traditional B and M schools – but don’t forget that the student’s ‘local school’ is responsible for all student support services (e.g. counseling, nurse, clubs, etc.) so there are added costs – plus there are lab or material charges for some courses.
That said, you can expect the VHS full-time program to provide some small competition to other full-time charter schools as districts begin approaching their charter school students and attempt to lure them back with a promise of a ‘local’ full-time online option.

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