Your School’s Carbon Footprint

An often over-looked benefit to online schooling (and conferences, for that matter) is the potential to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. I think about this every morning my son joins 7 other students on a diesel school bus with a 44-student capacity. If you’ve been wondering what your school’s carbon footprint is, try out a free web app from MIT’s Media Lab, Sourcemap. It’s designed for you to enter the ingredients of a product (my screenshot is about a Sultan Alsarp from IKEA), their weights and their location of origin to destination. You an then see where – on a map – everything came from and the carbon footprint of those items.
There’s no reason you couldn’t use this same tool to estimate the carbon footprint of transporting your students back and forth to school each day – or your attendees to your conference. You’ll need to enter the location of origin (address) of students/attendees, but I’m thinking you’ll get some surprising results.
If you try this out, post a link to your resulting map in the comments.

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