Is the body the next breakthrough in education tech?

Remember those teacher preparation courses you took when you learned about kinesthetic learning and figured that was just for kids in shop class, art, dance, or gym? Think again.
Favorite quote:
“The richer the perceptual experience provided by the computer program, the greater the students’ understanding and retention of the material.”

Is the body the next breakthrough in education tech? | Hechinger Report.

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Google’s Project Tango Can Change Education

This will be big. Skip to the bottom for the video…but Google’s posted a video outlining Project Tango. They’ve created a dev kit (and customized cell phone innards) that would allow your phone to constantly map it’s surroundings, and to know exactly where it is in 3D space. Why is this so cool? And how can it be a huge win for education? How about these possible applications:

  • Have your students ‘map’ their home with their cell phone. Then have their phone launch an augmented reality simulation that places historical figures in their own home – sitting on their furniture and walking around the room while having a conversation with them about their life.
  • Map any space, then launch an augmented reality ball on your phone’s screen and watch it bounce around your room. Change the ‘gravity’ settings to see how the behavior of the ball changes
  • Take the phone outside and walk around your neighborhood. As it picks out new objects based on the 3D map (and in referencing the hundreds of other phones that did the same) it can teach you a new language to describe your surroundings.
  • Got some more ideas of how you’d help your students with this technology? Share them in the comments below!

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